Wireless Testers

IDA 2: Interference and Direction Analyzer

  • Light, portable signal analyzer for detecting, analyzing and localizing RF signals and interference in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz.
  • IDA 2 combines a frequency scanner / receiver, transmitter detector, spectrum analyzer, signal analyzer and triangulation software in a single mobile device.
  • The sets also include precision directional antennas with built in switchable preamplifier and electronic compass.
  • Extremely fast with a sweep rate of 12 GHz/s.
  • One of the lightest in its class with a weight of less than 3 kg.
  • Impressively sensitive with a noise figure of 7 dB.
  • Embedded GPS receiver and electronic compass for easy emitter location.
  • Convenient interference search with smartDF®: Automatic localization by triangulation of the bearings with result displayed on a map (optional)
  • I/Q Analyzer with real time trigger, spectrograms with time resolution down to 1 µs and digital afterglow effect (Persistence Spectrum).
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NRA : Narda Remote Spectrum Analyzer

  • 19" rack mountable Spectrum Analyzer for remote controlled measurements and analysis of electrical signals ranging from 9 kHz up to 6 GHz.
  • Easy integration and remote control of NRA into measurement environment via Ethernet
  • Compact size saving 1.75" (1RU) high
  • Application-oriented operating modes with resolution bandwidth (RBW) up to 32 MHz
    • Spectrum Analysis mode with Wideband FFT and Channel Monitoring
    • Multi-Channel Power mode for fast transponder evaluation (optional)
    • Level Meter mode with True RMS and PEAK detection (optional)
    • Scope with I/Q Data (optional)
  • Fan-less design for silent, continuous operation
  • High speed measurement
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Scanning Receivers

Scanning Receivers (or just "Scanners") are passive RF signal receivers designed to provide detailed information on propagation, signal strength, interfering signals, and other characteristics of the RF network. Scanners emphasize accuracy, speed, and sensitivity in order to provide rapid collection of data for both very weak and very strong signals. Typical radio access network (RAN) measurement capabilities and applications of scanning receivers include:
  • High measurement accuracy and resolution.
  • Demodulation and decoding capabilities
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Location stamps using built-in GPS
  • Simultaneous measurements of all parameters on multiple pilots or cell IDs on multiple carriers
  • Measurement of all pilots or cell IDs, not just the active set and neighbour list
  • Measurements independent of the network state, non-intrusive to the network and unaffected by activity or problems in the network (blocked/dropped calls, incorrectly configured neighbour lists, network registration problems, etc.)
  • Measurement of the synchronization channel
  • Calculation and reporting of time offset or delay of a pilot or cell ID in reference to GPS time
  • Detailed measurements in multi-path conditions
    • more rake fingers in WCDMA
      • delay spread
      • UE-agnostic MIMO network characteristics such as channel correlation
  • Measurements over a wide range of Io (total received power density) or carrier Received Strength Signal Indicator (RSSI) values
  • Tests GSM, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD in the same drive.
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Drive Testing Tools

SeeHawk Engage and SeeHawk Engage+ are full-featured Android-based tools for drive testing and walk testing using commercially available smartphones or tablets.
  • Supports major cellular technologies such as GSM, UMTS, LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, CMDA, EvDO, all in one tool.
  • Runs on commercial phones and tablets.
  • Supports up to 6 simultaneous devices via Bluetooth (Engage+)
  • Collects measurements wirelessly from multiple SeeHawk Engage enabled devices and scanning receivers.
  • Transferrable license allows you to move your software from one device to another with ease
  • Powerful real-time visualization of the measurement data
  • Cloud integration for easy management and file transfer
  • Supports scanning receivers via Bluetooth
SeeHawk Engage
  • Remote configuration via the cloud allows easy control of your SeeHawk test tool fleet.
  • Log file storage and export in the cloud allows you to make the most out of your data.
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