Transport Testers

UX400: Universal Transport Tester from E1 to 40G and 100GE

  • Next generation modular platform for OTN, 100GE, 10GE, 1GE, SDH/SONET, PDH, Ethernet, and Fiber Channel in Metro, Core and Transport networks.
  • Supports Transport applications at rates ranging from DS1/E1 to OC-768/STM-256/OTU3 to Metro Ethernet applications from 10M to 40GE/100GE and beyond.
  • Up to 12 simultaneous measurements in one unit.
  • IEEE 1588v2/PTP and SyncE/ITU-T G.8261(Master and Slave clock emulation).
  • Wander measurements per ITU.T G.8262 including MTIE and TDEV.
  • Built in GPS receiver and atomic clock for clock synchronization and one-way delay measurements.
  • OTN testing for OTU1,OTU2,OTU1e,OTU2e,OTU3,OTU4,ODU0,ODUflex.
  • Weighs less than 10KG including battery pack and test modules.
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TX150/e+: Handheld SDH Analyzer

  • Handheld SDH/PDH test set. Supports SDH testing at STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16 bit rates; PDH testing at E1 (dual), E3, DS3 and E4.
  • Touch screen colour LCD display. SFP modules for optics make the tester easy to operate and maintain.
  • Features include BER testing, In-service testing, Pass-through configuration, SDH overhead monitoring and generation, Pointer Generation and Analysis.
  • APS/Service Disruption testing, Pulse shape analysis at all PDH rates etc.

TX130M+: Mobile Backhaul Tester

  • Full-Featured robust handheld Mobile Backhaul tester for Legacy PDH/E1, Carrier Ethernet and Synchronous Packet networks.
  • Measures Throughput, Latency, RFC2544 and BER on 10/100/1000Base-T copper and 1000Base-X Ethernet interfaces.
  • Tests IEEE1588V2/PTP and SyncE Ethernet synchronization with PDV, RTD and IPG analysis.
  • 1588V2 packet capture and decode.
  • Dual BERT on E1/T1 with balanced and unbalanced interfaces.
  • ISDN PRI testing with decode of protocol messages.
  • Jitter/Wander measurements on E1 (2.048Mbps).
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MX100e+ / MX120e+: Handheld Ethernet Tester

  • Ethernet tester for Metro Ethernet and EOSDH testing.
  • Handheld metro and carrier Ethernet tester. Single or Dual port configurations for 10/100/1000 Base-T and 100/1000 Base-X.
  • Large Touch screen based colour graphical LCD display with intuitive menu for very user friendly operational interface. Can also be operated by keypad.
  • Layer 1 framed as well as unframed testing. Important for testing capability of dark fiber (Such as CWDM, DWDM) to handle Ethernet bandwidth.
  • Layer 2, Layer 3 & Layer 4 BERT and RFC2544 testing.
  • Supports asymmetrical RFC2544 testing for validation of services like 3G, DSL etc.
  • Supports Omni-Q with 3 VLAN and MPLS tags.
  • Tests VoIP i.e. SIP calls generation with measuring voice quality etc.
  • In-built web browser to check throughput of HTTP/FTP services.
  • Tests VoIP i.e. measuring the jitter, packet loss, video quality as well as channel zap time.
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RXT 1200 with RXT 6000 and RXT 4500

  • Modular Platform for Ethernet testing from 10Base-T to 100GE, OTN, Fiber Channel and SDH/SONET, CWDM and DWDM networks.
  • CFP2 and CFP4 interface for 100GE/OTU4 and QSFP+ for 40GE/OTU3.
  • Internal atomic clock and GPS for nanosecond timing precision.
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer for S, C and C+L band wavelength range with fast continuous scanning - full spectrum in < 7sec.
RXT 1200 with RXT 6000 and RXT 4500
  • Simultaneous measurements of up to 160 channels - Inband and out - of - band.
  • Supports asymmetrical RFC2544 testing for validation of services like 3G, DSL etc.
  • Wavelength accuracy of ± 50 pm, Dynamic range > 50dB and OSNR measurement < 35dB
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TX300s / TX320

  • All - in - one multi - service test solution.
  • Dual SFP+ ports support Ethernet interface from 100Base - FX to 10GE, SDH, SONET, Fibre Channel, OTN and CPRI/OBSAI .
  • Independent and simultaneous measurements on dual ports - TX300s.
  • Bi - directional Ethernet pass - through monitor test mode.
  • Built - in OTDR, OPM and VFL ports with Interchangeable optical bulkhead connectors.
  • FTTx/PON optimized parameters for best in class dead zones for 1xN splitters and normal reflective events.
  • Multimode and Singlemode Wavelength test options - 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 & 1625 nm.
  • Filtered 1625 nm OTDR port for in - service measurements and live fiber detection with embedded power meter.
  • High dynamic range (up to 45 dB) for long haul fibers and testing through high - port - count PON splitters.
  • Sampling points up to 128,000.
  • Event dead zone < 1m, Attenuation dead zone < 5m.
  • Telcordia GR - 196 and SR - 4731.sor file formats.
  • Link characterization (multi - pulse widths) and full event table.
  • Built - in Visual Fault Locator, Fiber inspection probe, PON power meter and Laser source options.
  • Touch panel 7" TFT color LCD enhances viewing and operation.
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