Service Assurance Tools

VSS Network Taps


The TAP Series accesses traffic from full-duplex networks, making them available for network intelligence tools and Network Intelligence Optimization system building. All VSS' TAP Series products are failsafe for 100% guaranteed network uptime.

  • Optical Taps
    • 100% failsafe.
    • Supports 100M, 1G, 10G, 40G, & 100G traffic.
    • 100% passive inline optical access.
    • Full line-rate traffic access.
    • Low latency throughput to monitor output.
VSS Network Optical Taps
  • Copper Taps
    • 100% failsafe.
    • Supports 10/100/1000 or 1G traffic.
    • Hyper-fast failover and link re-negotiation for 1G copper networks.
    • Full line-rate traffic access.
    • Low latency throughput to monitor output.
    • Dual, redundant, universal power supplies (AC, DC options).
    • Port status and activity LEDs.
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VSS Network Copper Taps

VSS V-Broker


The vBroker Series provides network-wide visibility by accessing, capturing, and brokering traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple passive network monitoring and security tools.

  • Support 40G, 10G and 1G access at full line rates.
  • Hardware-based Filtering, user independent on OSI layer 2-7 (includes custom offset filters).
  • Session-based/flow-aware Load Balancing.
  • Protocol (GTP header, MPLS label, VLAN tag) stripping/de-encapsulation.
  • High Data Burst Buffering.
  • Pluggable 4-port I/O module
  • vMesh Network Intelligence Optimization System building (stacking) over LANs and WANs
  • Local, Remote management: API, CLI and GUI (HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet/ SSH, SNMPv 1-3)
VSS Broker

VSS Broker
  • Multi-user access with defined privileges, unique screen views, and management accessibility restrictions.
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