Ethernet Performance Measurement and NIDs



V-NID product suite enables one-way monitoring of network performance with high accuracy, without the need for hardware test points at each end of connection.

  • Standards-based one-way network performance assurance solution using ETH-OAM, RFC 5357 TWAMP and Accedian Standards+.
  • Standards+ supports extended measurement types for even greater performance visibility.
  • Patented, high-accuracy one-way delay measurement technique.
  • Centralized or distributed measurement injection using the V-NID Actuator.
  • Centralized provisioning, management, mediation and reporting via the V-NID Manager.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack for both management and TWAMP measurements.
  • IP, Ethernet and OAM end-user experience metrics summarized and displayed via VisionMETRI performance monitoring dashboard.
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MetroNID helps you to optimize and accelerate your services, protect your core network capacity, and deliver best-in-class QoS end-to-end.

  • Establish SLA-backed Ethernet services, point-to-point and multi-point.
  • End-to-End Operations, Administration and Management.
  • Monitor continuity and measure delay, delay variation, frame loss and availability, including 1-way performance validation with microsecond resolution.
  • Intelligent In-service Layer 1-2-3-4 loopbacks per-flow, defined by VLAN, Class of Service, MAC / IP addresses or any combination of layer 2-4 header criteria.
  • Enhanced fast and flexible service creation by shaping, policing, and mapping any VLAN IDs to the same EVC.
  • In-Service Throughput Testing and analysis up to full wire-speed at both layer 2 and 3.
  • RFC-2544 Automated Test Suite & Reports.
  • Real-time statistics of any Layer 2-3 and4 flow (VLAN, ToS, CoS, MAC, IP, TCP/UDP).
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NanoNID provides NID service performance management capabilities in an extended SFP which can be inserted in any SFP slot of a switch or router. Features include Remote Troubleshooting, Performance Measuring and Capacity Planning.

  • Ideal for locations that are limited in rack-space and/or power capacity.
  • Can easily perform in-line and off-line service performance assurance through Y.1731 with LBM and LBR capabilities, all from a single device.
  • In an off-line configuration, allows service providers to upgrade legacy networks by seamlessly adding performance assurance capabilities in an in-service fashion.
  • Can be managed remotely without the need for an embedded software agent.
  • Layer 3 performance management and troubleshooting with a TWAMP-Lite option.
  • Allows for RFC-2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 automated Service Activation Testing capabilities.
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