• Product technical support and troubleshooting
  • Synchronization Testing and Audits
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Technical training
  • Software updates
  • Prompt product repairs and upgrades

Product Technical Support:
When you contact our support group, you get informed answers to get you going. Here you will find trained support engineers, ready to provide the help you need, when you need it most.

Synchronization Testing and Audit:
With its 20+ years of experience in telecommunications and measurement of clock variations such as jitter and wander, Fastech offers technical services in Synchronization Testing and Audit for SDH/PDH (TDM networks) and SyncE/PTP (IP networks).

Fastech has the requisite tools to validate the clock extracted from SDH/IP networks to G.811 specifications which can be deployed in the field. Further the engineers are trained by international experts on synchronization standards and technologies.

Installation and Commissioning:
High technology telecommunication equipment such as network taps, aggregators, load balancers, synchronization equipment etc. require special disciplines and technical acumen for installation and commissioning in data centers and remote field locations. Fastech field engineers are specially trained to set the standards for systematic and trouble free installation and commissioning of network critical equipments.

Technical Training:
We would like to help your team members with making the most of your investments. So we can offer a number of training options on the product and the technologies you need to test.

Local/overseas calibration services are provided for our test and measurement instruments. Our technicians are trained by our partners for calibration of their instruments. A certificate of calibration is provided with each calibration task.

Maintenance and Repair:
Maintenance and repair services for all our products are provided by us. Our well trained and experienced service team will ensure the highest quality of repair, and our stock of components and spares available in-house enables quick return after repair. We also provide upgrades for software as required and if necessary. For instruments which cannot be repaired locally, we facilitate the RMA process with our overseas partners and ensure timely repair and return.

RMA Process and Tracking:
We have a well laid down process for repairs and maintenance of the product. Our RMA process will ensure proper documentation, transportation, and tracking of the repaired instrument. Records of repairs/replacement of parts are clearly documented and maintained in our records for future requirement.