EMF Measurement Tools

SRM-3006: Selective Radiation Measurement

  • Isotropic Field Strength Measurements from 9 KHz to 6 GHz.
  • Compact Self-contained solution for field testing of EMF with selective (narrow-band) frequency measurements.
  • Measurements Confirming to ICNIRP and regional standards.
  • Results displayed directly in terms of the permitted limit values.
  • Measures in environments up to 200 V/m.
  • Direct numerical, graphical or tabular display of results; large resolution bandwidth avoids conversions.
  • 6 Minutes Averaging as per ICNIRP Standard.
  • Equipped with Integrated GPS & Voice Recorder.
  • Automatic transfer of Calibration data of Antenna & cable by second connector.
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NBM-550 / 520: Broadband EMF Meters

  • Broadband Field Meter with data logger for electrical and magnetic field measurement from RF to microwave
  • Available with isotropic probes to cover 5 Hz to 60 GHz
  • Large graphical display
  • Plug-and-play probe interface with automatic probe parameter detection
  • Fully automatic zeroing
  • Extensive memory for logging of up to 5000 results
  • Options:

  • GPS interface and mountable receiver for positioning data documentation
  • Voice recorder for adding comments
  • Conditional logging, threshold controlled
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NBM 550

Radman XT: Personal Monitors

Radman XT

ELT-400: Standard Compliant measurements

  • Measurement of magnetic fields in occupational and public environments and in EMC laboratories for health and safety professionals.
  • Assessment of safety in magnetic fields and for acceptance measurements conforming to CE standard IEC/EN 62233 (former EN 50366) and Generic Standard IEC 62311.
  • Precise B-field measurements in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 400 kHz.
  • Direct evaluation of field exposure in comparison with major standards.
  • Acceptance measurements to CE standard IEC/EN 62233 and Generic Standard IEC 62311.
  • Real-time measurement with RMS and peak detector.
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EHP-50D Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Field Analyzer

  • Selective and broadband low frequency field analysis from 5 Hz up to 100 KHz.
  • Isotropic measurement of low frequency electromagnetic fields generated by power transmission lines, power generators, industrial scale manufacturing plants, electric motors etc.
  • Built-in FFT spectrum analysis with capability of Wideband measurements.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery with great autonomy.
  • Optical Fiber Interface to operate with PC or NBM-550.
  • Stand-alone continuous acquisition with internal data logger for 24 hours.
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